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Scientific Programme - 71st Annual Conference of
The Association of Physicians of India
28th-31st January, 2016. Hyderabad


  • Abstract must be submitted online.(www.apicon2016sp.com)
  • In case of difficulty, contact us at apicon2016sp@gmail.com
  • Abstract must be typed single-space in English using atleast 10 point size font and must fit inside the designated space and should not exceed 2000 characters.
  • Abstracts which are less than 1500 characters will not be accepted.
  • The maximum characters permitted in the title are 100. Type body of the abstract in order of Introduction, Material, Observations and Conclusions.
  • Authors should be listed by initials and surname.
  • Do not include title, names and institutions name in the body of the abstract.
  • Name of the presenting author should be in bold.
  • Tables and graphs can be included and will be considered as 600 characters each. Photographs/Images/other figures will not be accepted.
  • Please proof read the abstract carefully for factual and spelling errors. The spelling of names, the order of authors and institution name will appear in JAPI as submitted.
  • Standard abbreviations are acceptable. Uncommon abbreviations must be put in parenthesis and proceeded by the full word the first time it appears in the text.
  • The presenting author must be a registered delegate for the conference.
  • Abstract must be submitted by 31st Aug 2015.
  • Around 950 abstracts have been received till now. Those accepted for oral presentation are being intimated now (1st -15th September 2015). Those for poster presentation will be informed between 16th 30th September 2015. Those which are rejected will be informed in the first week of October2015. [Dated: 31-Aug-2015]
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